Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management

Our Private Wealth Platform enables clients to preserve and grow their wealth in an uncomplicated, transparent, and cost effective manner.

Your account is in your name at a globally recognised trusted custodian. We manage your wealth as a trusted fiduciary putting your interests above ours. You provide us with the authority to trade on your accounts. You can access your account through Stonewood’s online portal which provides detailed portfolio information.

Our Private Wealth Portfolios are offered through a range of five risk weighted portfolios each with a different equity, risk and liquidity profile. Our portfolios differ to many other wealth managers in our extensive use of alternative assets in our portfolios which we believe provides a better risk adjusted return for our clients. 

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Stonewood is authorised by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and operates in a jurisdiction known for its attractive regulatory environment for investors.

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The Stonewood team has many decades of investment experience in managing wealth for clients.

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Wealth Protection

Our Private Wealth Management Services has a focus on capital preservation and provides an environment for the protection of your wealth.

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Safe and Secure

All client assets are held in their own name with one of our globally recognised custodian partners.

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