Stonewood Alternatives

Stonewood Alternatives is an investment platform that opens the door to a wide range of alternative investment opportunities. Our offerings include private equity funds, co-investments, direct private investments, and other private and public market investments. Our platform allows investors to access top-tier fund managers with minimum investments as low as $125,000, which is significantly lower than the typical seven-figure minimum commitment.

Our platform offers a diverse range of investment options, providing access to a variety of strategies across the alternative investment landscape. We leverage long-term relationships with renowned alternative investment managers to provide access to opportunities that were previously reserved for high net-worth individuals.

We believe in transparent and cost-effective fees, our all-in platform fees include the platform structuring and technology, and it starts at competitive rates. Our rigorous and consistent fund selection process, combined with thorough due diligence, ensures that we only select investments that we believe have the potential to produce attractive returns.

Trust us to help you navigate the alternative asset class landscape and make your money work harder for you.

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